Soul Path Art + Yoga

by Larissa Davis

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About this project

I am an artist and Lyme warrior who has experienced the benefits of yoga in my own healing and dreams of sharing it with others with Lyme and their families. 

Knowing firsthand the toll Lyme takes, often consuming thousands of dollars seeking health, I dream of providing free classes in my community in Western Maine for Lyme warriors and their families. I look forward to providing positive support employing all the limbs of yoga, from the powerful self-reflection provided by the yamas and niyamas, to the deep connection with our bodies afforded by the asanas, and the stress-release and emotional balance of meditation, yoga helps those of us with physical challenges connect to our bodies and souls with compassion. Yoga is also an amazing adjunct to the Soul Path Art workshops I teach, and I look forward to combining them into powerful healing experiences for releasing limiting beliefs and discovering emotional freedom.

I have put together a number of thank you gifts which are my way of paying back the generosity you are extending in helping me achieve this dream. 

To learn about the story behind this yoga adventure (and the raven who has been guiding it!) visit my youtube channel and watch the Art Speak Raven videos part 1 and 2:

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to sharing the love you are giving me with all those I reach through my workshops and retreats.

Namaste, beautiful soul!



Risks & Challenges

The challenge for me is in the manifesting! I know that it will take releasing a bunch of limiting beliefs, focusing on the vision, and following the inspiration! My other top priority is preparing my body and mind for the challenge of a month-long intensive program. I practice yoga almost daily and have been studying yoga philosophy. Lyme presents its own challenges, and taking care of my body, mind, and soul is vital to my success in this endeavor. Thank you for your support. You are a beacon of light in the world and I am honored you have chosen to direct it in my direction. Namaste, Larissa


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Soul Path Art digital wallpaper of your choice of: Be Unstoppable, Raven: Free Your Heart, or Leopard: Believe

Estimated delivery:
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Set of three Soul Path Art greeting cards: Raven: Free Your Heart, Leopard: Believe, Freedom Horse: Red

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0 backers Limited (25 left of 25)

Receive a Raven: Free My Heart Hot Beverage Mug

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As a certified Creatively Fit Coach I am happy to offer a half-hour coaching session with me either in person or via video-chat.

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Raven: Free Your Heart T-shirt

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One-hour private Creativity Coaching Session.

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Raven 10" x 15" Archival Art Print on 100% cotton rag paper.

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Pledge $ 200 or more

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Join me for a full-day Soul Path Art workshop at The Soul Path Artist Studio in Hiram Maine

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Raven 12" x 18" Archival Art Print on 100% cotton rag paper. PLUS Raven t-shirt!

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Pledge $ 500 or more

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Custom 12" x 12" Chakra Spirit Animal Portrait. Price includes shipping and Spirit Animal Journey and Heart’s Desire Meditation mp3s

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Custom 24" x 24" Chakra Spirit Animal Portrait. Includes delivery within 75 miles of 04041. Also includes: Spirit Animal Journey mp3 Heart’s Desire Meditation mp3

Estimated delivery:
Pledge $ 1500 or more

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You are the lucky owner of the original acrylic painting Raven: Free Your Heart (36" x 24" x 1.5"). Raven is the spirit animal who came to guide me on my yoga path, helping me recognize and release stories and limiting beliefs which had suppressed my true heart’s desire. As I rounded the bend on our road, driving to an aerial yoga class, contemplating yoga teacher training, I suddenly came upon a large group of ravens. Two took flight dramatically mirroring the strong emotion which burst forth as I recognized and released the limiting belief I had held about yoga. Price includes delivery within 100 miles of 04041.

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